Updating site content type failed infopath download

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Make sure that this does not happen to you by either adding the site’s Site Owner Group or making sure that you and/or other site owners are in a group that you are specifying to have Full Control permissions on the item.

On the workflow settings page find the Start Options section and choose the Start workflow automatically when an item is created and the Start workflow automatically when an item is changed checkboxes.

As a side note, if I am going to be in Designer anyways and if I need to make multiple groups, I prefer to make my groups in Designer as the navigation is easier with the buttons on the ribbon always being present where in the browser it takes a few extra clicks for each group that you create.

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A content type defines metadata and behavior for a certain piece of data in Share Point, which is usually a document, but which can also be an item or in the case of Info Path, forms.

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