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Now, testing needs to be done on additional individuals to see if we can further tease apart relationships and perhaps identify patterns to suggest a migration path.

This testing will come, in part, from STR marker testing along with Big Y testing for some lines not yet tested at that level.

Marie and I would both like to thank all of our participants, individuals who contributed funds to the testing, Dr.

David Pike as a project advisor and, of course, Family Tree DNA, without whom none of this would be possible.

The Family Tree DNA C-P39 Y DNA Project is managed by Roberta Estes, Administrator, Marie Rundquist, Co-Administrator, and Dr. The “Big Y” DNA test is a product of Family Tree DNA.

Reference: https:// The New Tree The new C-P39 tree at Family Tree DNA is shown, below, including all the new SNPs below P39, a grand total of eight new branches on the C-P39 tree.

Legitimate DNA Tests for Native Heritage There are for Native ancestry, including the Y DNA and mitochondrial DNA tests for direct paternal (blue box genealogy line, below) and direct matrilineal lines (red circle genealogy line, below).

The Next Step Just like with traditional genealogy, this discovery begets more questions.

With this latest update, in addition to the C-P39 SNP that distinguishes this haplogroup, there are now new, long-awaited, downstream SNPs and subclades, as reflected in the Y Tree that offer new avenues for research by members of this rare, Native American haplogroup.

A summary of new C-P39 Y DNA project subclades follows: The ancestors of two families represented in the study, one in the Pacific Northwest and another in the North American Southwest did not experience any mutations in the New World and Big Y results are within the current genetic boundaries of the C-P39 SNP haplogroup as noted.

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