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The Bk horizon is white because of the buildup of calcium carbonate in the semi-arid climate.A buried soil horizon (paleosol) is present near the base of the trench indicating that several periods of loess deposition have occurred.Beginning about 16 million years ago (Ma) and continuing to the present, the plate has moved progressively over the plume, causing uplift and rhyolitic caldera eruptions followed by subsidence and basaltic volcanism.

At 17.4 ka, Lake Bonneville, the largest lake in the region, catastrophically drained onto the ESRP.

Metropolitan divisions are conceptually similar the primary metropolitan statistical areas (PMSAs) defined under previous standards.

Continent: North America Country: United States State/Province: Idaho City/Town: none UTM coordinates and datum: none Climate Setting: Semi-Arid Tectonic setting: Hot Spot Type: Stratigraphy, Chronology, Figure 2: The ESRP during the late Pleistocene Pinedale glaciation between 14-25 ka showing major sediment sources; paths of meltwater from the Yellowstone ice sheet and the Bonneville Flood (blue lines); outwash deposits (yellow); Bonneville Flood deposits (green); and major Holocene dune fields (pink).

These deposits were reworked and transported by the strong winds characteristic of glacial periods.

During the Pleistocene, a large ice sheet formed several times on the Yellowstone Plateau (Fig. Two periods of glaciation have been recognized and dated at Yellowstone: the Pinedale glaciation between 14,000-25,000 years ago (14-25 ka); and the Bull Lake glaciation between about 140-150 ka.

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