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I will say however that if you have recently found yourself single, give yourself some time before jumping back on the dating bandwagon.You won’t be in the right state of mind to be making important emotional decisions.I never knew why I had these feelings and desires, and I grew up like many of you did, feeling there was something wrong with me or worse, feeling I was alone and possibly the only person on this planet that had this fetish..although back then I had no idea what a fetish was.Out of the ten serious relationships I have had (lasting over a year), every single one of them were cool with spanking.Sure it could be a coincidence, but I think choosing the right personality plays a huge role.It wasn’t until I was in my early teens when I came across an adult book called, Forum published by the world famous Penthouse magazine, that I began to realized there were others out there like me.

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Many would ask advice about which spanking paysite I would recommend, others would ask more obscure questions about spanking in professional wrestling, or the title of a mainstream movie that had a spanking scene in it.As I started to become attracted to the opposite sex, my eyes would always focus on her derriere.I considered it then as I do now, the most beautiful site to behold in the world.So please don’t think that when you go out looking for a spanking partner your chances will be very low in finding one, because they are not.If you believe ahead of time that you will fail, you will. Let’s move along and talk about how to meet, and most importantly how to keep that special spanking someone.

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